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Pizza Conjecture To Sink Your Teeth Into

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Pizza. A word imbued with memories of yumminess in nights gone by. An infamous way to feed large parties, or the perfect cozy dinner for family nights in. When recalling my thoughts on pizza, they arrive swathed in memories of ooey gooey goodness, and topped with cheese. Not unlike that... more

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Work In Progress

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monthly website maintenance

I just wanted to give a quick update as to the slow posting so far this week. I’m here to tell you – my eyes are going buggy from staring at code for a few days.:\ I’ve been very busy behind the scenes working on the blog. If everything is... more

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Prairie Bread Adaptations

By: Yogurt Hydro | 8 Comments | | Category: Bread, Food, Recipes, Yeast Breads | Tags : , , , , , , , , ,

prairie bread

Mixed flour loaves sweetened with pureed raisins. more

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Raspberry Rooibos Soda

By: Yogurt Hydro | 8 Comments | | Category: Fermentation, Food, Ginger Bug, Probiotic, Recipes, Tea | Tags : , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

raspberry rooibos ginger bug soda

I made another foray into probiotic sodas, and this one is going down as a favorite. I used only a handful of ingredients, and very little time actively working on it. Raspberries have such an amazing intense flavor, they really do all the work for you! This would make a... more

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Baked Chili Burritos

By: Yogurt Hydro | 9 Comments | | Category: Bread, Cooking & Baking, Food, Main, Quick Breads, Recipes | Tags : , , , , , ,

baked burrito

I had Burritos in mind when I made such a large batch of slow cooker chili! There was enough chili for dinner on the first night, plus exactly 16 burritos worth of leftovers, just right for my tortilla recipe – it was clearly meant to be!!:) I made a batch... more

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