Camping Supply List

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Camping Supply List

Kevin and I love going camping. Ever since we moved to a rural area surrounded by rivers and mountains, we don’t go nearly as often as we used to, but we try to get out in the wilderness at least a couple of times every year.

Before living in the mountains, we’d go camping so often that we could be packed up and on the road within 15 – 20 minutes of deciding to go, and I’ve kept a camping supply list updated across my devices for several years to remind me of anything in need of updates or replacing.
This way even while we are camping, if we think of something we wish we’d brought, I can update the supply list on my cell phone, and it gets added to our supplies on the next trip!

After our recent camping trip, (I am still dreaming of more camping) I thought I’d share my camping supply list with you.

Always make sure someone knows where you will be and when to expect you back.

Any of our absolute camping essentials are kept ready to go in a large waterproof tote.

Camping Supply List:

Basic Supplies

  • Large waterproof tote
  • Tent
  • foam, cot, air mattress, insulated tarp
  • tarps
  • ropes, extra pegs, large nails
  • newspaper/firestarter
  • lighter, barbecue lighter, waterproof matches
  • compass, gps, mapbook
  • lantern, mantles and fuel
  • flashlights, batteries
  • propane burner, cook stove, grills, charcoal, fuel
  • duct/tuck tape, scissors
  • basic tool box – hammer, screwdriver, wrenches
  • car jack, tire repair kit, spare tire, oil, jumper cables
  • axe, hatchet, saw, shovel
  • firewood, kindling
  • chairs

Safety & Hygiene

  • up to date first aid kit
  • whistle, flares, bear spray
  • bug spray, sunscreen
  • medications, pain killers
  • epi-pen, benadryl
  • bathroom tissue
  • toiletries – wet wipes, toothpaste & toothbrush, hair brush, hair clips/elastics, feminine products, razor, wash cloth, chapstick, deodorant, soap, nail clippers, dry shampoo, shampoo/conditioner
  • glasses/sunglasses
  • towels, wash cloth
  • hand sanitizer
  • cash

Dishes & Cooking

  • plates, bowls, cups
  • large pot, pans
  • tongs, spatula, large knife, large serving spoon, ladle, can opener
  • biodegradable dish soap, sponge/dish cloth, tea towels
  • paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap
  • ziplock baggies, containers
  • garbage bags
  • coffee pot
  • cutting board


Comments (11)

  1. posted by johnhutchens1 on August 7, 2015

    This is a great list for camping. I always forget something. Your list will make a great checklist and speed thing along without forgetting something.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on August 11, 2015

      Thanks John.:) The next step of course is ‘playing tetris’ trying to accommodate all your supplies, and campers into your vehicle lol.

  2. posted by Denisa Ivascu on August 10, 2015

    I’m not a big fan of camping, but the list is really useful. :) I always tend to forget something.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on August 11, 2015

      Camping can turn to a survival situation so quickly when you’re in the middle of nowhere and realize you forgot something important, or have vehicle troubles and no tools. I try to be prepared for any possibility!

  3. posted by Kristin K on August 21, 2015

    Wow! And, I thought that I was prepared properly with lists! I can’t find one item that you missed! But, I was able to add to my list….Thank You! You are obviously very experienced campers, to be able to pick up and go in 15-20 minutes!!!

    • posted by YogurtHydro on September 4, 2015

      The funny thing is that where we live now, we are completely surrounded by mountains and wildlife – a wolf pack lives at the back of the property! I discovered that they hang out near our cherry trees – and eat the low hanging cherries! So we get to feel like we’re out in the wild, but we have all our stuff LOL.
      I’m glad I gave you some ideas for your list.:) The biggest reason we could get on the road quickly is that all the essential camping stuff is kept in a large tote, so all we need to do is pack food and a few personal items and we’re on our way.

  4. posted by Kristin K on August 23, 2015

    I love how prepared you are for camping! I love the organization, and the fact that nothing could happen that you are not prepared for!!!

  5. posted by Mai Tran on August 27, 2015

    I’m so printing this list for future use. Thanks for sharing.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on September 4, 2015

      You’re welcome, I hope it helps on your next trip.:)

  6. posted by denise low on December 9, 2015

    Thank you for sharing. When we go camping it never fails we always for get something..


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