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Fruit & Vegetable Pulp Crackers

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fruit and vegetable pulp crackers

Last week I started a Apple Raspberry Wine. Rather than discarding the pulp afterward, I decided to use it. Whenever I juice or make a mash I am left with a portion of fruit or vegetable pulp that normally is thrown away. I have occasionally added it to cakes or... more

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Grissini – With A Twist

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Years ago, I made grissini quite often. Topped with shredded cheese and pepper, the crispy bread sticks made an awesome, if short lived, snack. I dusted off the recipe today and made a few…twists. The recipe is here by the way: Grissini (Italian Breadsticks). After the dough rises, it is... more

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Sometimes, You Just Want A Cupcake!

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butter cupcakes

Ever just wanted a quick simple dessert and find yourself online sifting through beautiful pictures only to discover all the recipes are complex, time consuming and full of strange ingredients you don’t have on hand? Me too. They all look so beautiful and yummy, but it’s just not going to... more

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Ginger Syrup

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ginger syrup

This syrup is made using the reserved liquid from making Candied Ginger. I had exactly 1 cup of ginger water left over from the ginger candy. I returned it to the pot and added 1 cup of sugar, including the sugar I’d used to roll the ginger pieces in. I... more

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Candied Ginger

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candied ginger

I always have lots of ginger around. I use it in everything from ferments, wines and tea, to cookies, cakes and as a spice in meals. Oh, and for regular ginger bug feedings. It’s so great for you and I love the spicy kick it adds to everything. I usually... more

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