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Preserving The Last of the Tomatoes

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peeled roma tomatoes

The temperature is dropping and the rains have begun. Time to pick the last of this years’ tomatoes in various stages of readiness. I think I put it off as long as I possibly could! We had about 20 plants this year that we started from seed late last winter.... more

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Replanting Green Onions

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Green Onion

Did you know you can regrow green onions? My grandma always regrew many different kitchen scraps from fruits and vegetables, so it’s something I’ve always done as well. She usually had at least one LARGE yellow onion plant around just as a house plant! With green onions, just take the... more

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Planting Strawberries

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Strawberry Plant

Over the summer I was gifted groups of Strawberry plants from 2 different people. One grouping of ever bearing, and another of wild strawberries. I finally figured I’d better get them in the ground before we get a frost. As you can see, the plants are still producing well into... more

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