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Homemade Alternative Milk

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rice milk

Milk, including non dairy milk, is getting pricey. Did you know you can make your own alternative milks at home? Rice is affordable and it’s something most of us have around the house, but the same basic recipe will work for all kinds of things including nuts, seeds, grains and... more

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Ginger Syrup

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ginger syrup

This syrup is made using the reserved liquid from making Candied Ginger. I had exactly 1 cup of ginger water left over from the ginger candy. I returned it to the pot and added 1 cup of sugar, including the sugar I’d used to roll the ginger pieces in. I... more

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Candied Ginger

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candied ginger

I always have lots of ginger around. I use it in everything from ferments, wines and tea, to cookies, cakes and as a spice in meals. Oh, and for regular ginger bug feedings. It’s so great for you and I love the spicy kick it adds to everything. I usually... more

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Breaded Potato Balls

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deep fried potato balls

After portioning out many freezer meals using Christmas leftovers, we still had plenty leftover. We’d made a combination of mashed russets and yams and still had that and some stuffing left in the fridge. Snack time! I mixed some stuffing and into the potato mixture (I also added some vegetable... more

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Candied Salmon

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candied salmon

Have you ever tried candied salmon? If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out! Sweetened smoky salmon is so good, you’ll want to make a large batch so you will have some left later. It really is more candy than fish. I don’t think I’d ever want to pay... more

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