Grinding Coarse Rye Meal with a Vitamix

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rye flours

Meant to replace 8 kitchen appliances, and on a lot of wish lists, the Vitamix
says it will grind flours, ice, meat, make ice cream, mix bread, chop tough vegetables, and a multitude of other amazing things – in a matter of seconds no less.

My neighbor bought the newest model and gifted me his Vitamix
3600, so I will be testing the claims!
I was so excited to try this out! I’ve been wanting a grain mill and an ice cream maker, and who knew I could get them both in one go?:)


This particular machine is over 30 years old, stainless steel with a 2 HP motor and pressurized spigot – and still runs perfectly (it even has the original tamper, I was impressed he managed to keep track of that lol).

I went straight for the rough stuff. If this thing works, this outta prove it to me, and provide a fine pumpernickel flour.

I have about 15 lbs of of coarse rye meal kicking around in my pantry, which seems to fit the bill for my trial.
Rye meal has all of the bran, germ and endosperm of the rye kernel still in it and looks like this:

coarse rye meal.

It’s used in making traditional pumpernickel, and can even be used as a cereal.

I ground some in the Vitamix
for a total of about 20 seconds.
I stopped it to check on it a few times since I didn’t know what to expect. I do wish I could see through the container, but on the plus side, stainless steel is definitely made to last, and easy to clean.

I also have some store bought dark rye flour, so I put the 3 forms next to each other afterward. If I didn’t know which was which, I’d be hard pressed to guess.

(right – store bought, left – coarse rye meal, bottom – ground in the Vitamix)

I would have to say this was a success! <3

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Comments (2)

  1. posted by centrd on May 3, 2015

    Thanks for the demo. Vitamix sells a “dry container” that’s supposed to do an even better job. But your results make me think I’ll try my wet container first when the time comes, see how it does.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on May 3, 2015

      I’d be interested in your results. I only have the one container (so far;)). One item I’d like to purchase to upgrade this model is the attachment to replace the spigot. The machine runs so fast that in the initial ‘blast’ a lot of the larger pieces tend to shoot into the spigot and stay there, rather than being broken down. Otherwise I am pretty impressed with it.


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