Sometimes, You Just Want A Cupcake!

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butter cupcakes

Ever just wanted a quick simple dessert and find yourself online sifting through beautiful pictures only to discover all the recipes are complex, time consuming and full of strange ingredients you don’t have on hand? Me too.

They all look so beautiful and yummy, but it’s just not going to happen!

And another thing – if I wanted 3 million of something, I’d have rice. (Ok – not 3 million, but it may as well be when you’re tired and staring down a couple hours more kitchen time.)

Sometimes, you just want a cupcake!

If you just want to get to the recipes, they are here:
Butter Cupcakes
Butter Icing

Let me tell you how simple this is.

Kevin was in a shower. By the time he came out the cupcakes had a few minutes left in the oven and icing was chilling in the fridge.

Once they cooled I piped the icing for some nicer looking pictures (first attempt using one of those things – I may need some practise!), but you could easily just slather it on with a knife. Those towering pillars of sugar-infused fat globules sure look tasty though!

I made 8 large and 8 mini cupcakes. The minis were topped with coconut, toasted coconut, grated cacao paste (cocoa powder works too), chopped candied ginger and chopped dried cranberries.
The cranberry is my favorite, it just added a nice tang to the flavors.

I piped a few with plain white icing.
The purple/white combo was done by putting some white icing in the piping bag, then I mixed up purple (one drop red, one drop blue) and put a glob of that in the piping bag as well. I just let ’em happen however it came out of the bag.:)

If you have kids, this is a nice simple one everyone can get involved with. Just put out a few ramekins with different toppings and set them to it. You can improvise piping bags for everyone using plastic baggies – fill with icing and cut off the corner.

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  1. posted by clojo9372 on March 21, 2016

    I love cupcakes. I can sometimes overdo it with them, so I try to stay away.. but I never seem to be able to. I love them too much.. LOL! ;)


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