Roasted Garlic

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garlic heads

We had about 50 heads of garlic from the garden this year (honestly, not nearly enough!). It’s hot and spicy, a very large Russian variety. Large as in ONE clove of this variety is the equivalent of about 3 or 4 cloves from an average store bought garlic. These ones... more

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Sawmill Creek Wines Review

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sawmill creek wines

Thanks to BzzAgent, I got to try out Sawmill Creek Wines at no cost to me! They mailed me a prepaid BC Liquor Store card (and after buying the wines I still have .60 cents left on it.:)) and instructions to purchase 2 – 1.5L bottles of the Sawmill Creek... more

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Western Red Backed Salamander

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western red-backed salamander

Every day I go for a nature walk and spend at least an hour just wandering in the mountains and forests of my “back yard” in B.C. I didn’t even get out of my yard today when I spotted this guy. It rained heavily last night and there is a... more

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SampleSource Fall Box Arrived

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sample source fall box

My #SampleSource box finally arrived! It was probably in my mailbox a couple of days, since I only decided to check on friday this week. My mailbox is a couple miles away so as much as I want to check out what new goodies show up, I don’t always get... more

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Freezing Squash

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spaghetti squash

Every year, a friend of ours gives us several spaghetti squash. I don’t have a cold storage this year, so I prepped a few of them for the deep freeze. I also roasted the seeds, and wow, they are better than pumpkin seeds! If you’re going to prep your squash... more

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