Roasted Garlic Buns Pictorial

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garlic filled buns

I made some amazing Garlic Filled Sourdough buns with rose petals and celery leaves as garnish.

They are worth the time, I’ll be making them again.

Mix the water through the levain. Add flour and let autolyse 30 minutes.
Add salt. Place in oiled bowl, turning once to coat.
Place in oven, covered, with light on for 2 hours. Fold dough once every 30 minutes.
Place in fridge overnight.

Divide dough to manageable size, cover and let rest while roasting the garlic, and oiling the tins.

I floured the counter using dark rye flour just because I like the look of it on the white buns.

Divide and flatten the dough, spread with roasted garlic.

Shape into boules, place seam side down in tins.

Prepare garnishes. (Anyone else still using those canisters? I guess they match my decor!:))

Spray tops with water and decorate.

Use fine mesh sieve to dust with flour.

Let rise in oven.

After turning off heat, leave in oven a few minutes.
Cool on wire racks. Remove tins and gently remove flour from tops using dry brush.

I had one with an herbal tea (it really set off the flavors!) and some Spinach Dip.

If you have the patience, I highly recommend these, they were amazing!

The full recipe is posted here.

Let me know how it goes for you!

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