SampleSource Fall Box Arrived

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sample source fall box

My #SampleSource box finally arrived! It was probably in my mailbox a couple of days, since I only decided to check on friday this week. My mailbox is a couple miles away so as much as I want to check out what new goodies show up, I don’t always get over that way everyday!!

So many goodies this time!

I already polished off the Higgins & Burke Chai Tea (x2), they were so good. I have always made my own. Really nice tea, the smell of cinnamon is such a comforting one.

I also had a chance to try the Finish Dishwasher Packs. They did an excellent job, even with my (practically) antique dishwasher. Everything came out of the machine clean (which is rare with my usual soap). I think it’s time to switch soaps!

If you haven’t yet, go check out SampleSource to be notified when the next box full of samples comes out.

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