Sawmill Creek Wines Review

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sawmill creek wines

Thanks to BzzAgent, I got to try out Sawmill Creek Wines at no cost to me!

They mailed me a prepaid BC Liquor Store card (and after buying the wines I still have .60 cents left on it.:)) and instructions to purchase 2 – 1.5L bottles of the Sawmill Creek Wines of my choice.

I decided to try out a red and a white.

I went with Chardonnay and a Merlot.

They were both excellent.

My husband and I enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay that first evening with dinner.
I’ll start by saying, if you’re looking for a pretentious connoisseur type review, you will be disappointed LOL. I don’t know a thing about how to write a wine review that way!

The Chardonnay is an easy drinking wine, it is light, mildly sweet, and and a bit fruity and it doesn’t have that strong “wine-y” flavor to it at all. Great for spritzers!

The Merlot has a much deeper, drier flavor, and it definitely has a “wine” taste. Very nice over dinner with friends. Everyone enjoyed it, although I think my husband prefers the lighter Chardonnay because he switched to the Chardonnay afterwards!

These are very reasonably priced wines and I’ll be picking some up again in the future. I think next time I’ll try out the Rosé…

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