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After whipping up some wonderful french baguettes, I threw together a bruschetta for a snack. (Yes, I’m kidding! Baguettes take a long time! They were eaten much more quickly than they were created.:)) But the bruschetta snack was quick & easy, and so good – let’s just say, there are... more

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Baguettes (French Bread)

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Baguettes are long and thin shaped french bread using only the most basic of ingredients. Flour, water, yeast, and salt. It really is incredible how much variation you can achieve using the same simple ingredient list! After many years of bread baking, I’d still never attempted french bread baguettes, it... more

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Fruit & Vegetable Pulp Crackers

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fruit and vegetable pulp crackers

Last week I started a Apple Raspberry Wine. Rather than discarding the pulp afterward, I decided to use it. Whenever I juice or make a mash I am left with a portion of fruit or vegetable pulp that normally is thrown away. I have occasionally added it to cakes or... more

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Grinding Coarse Rye Meal with a Vitamix

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rye flours

Meant to replace 8 kitchen appliances, and on a lot of wish lists, the Vitamix says it will grind flours, ice, meat, make ice cream, mix bread, chop tough vegetables, and a multitude of other amazing things – in a matter of seconds no less. My neighbor bought the newest... more

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Ham, Onion, Spinach & Mushroom Pita Pockets

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pita pizza pockets

Todays lunch. Homemade ham, onion, spinach and mushroom pita pizza pockets. Just open a piece of pita bread along the edge 1/2 way around the pita, spread pizza sauce inside on one side (in the uncut half of pita), add spices, fillings and mozzarella. I used sliced ham from the... more

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