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Tortilla Chips

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tortilla chips

Not naming names, but a certain someone in this house loves his tortilla chips…ahem. If you’ve ever read the ingredients list on the store bought chips, you may understand why I’d prefer to make homemade. The tortilla chips you can buy in the store are generally LOADED with sodium. The... more

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flour tortillas

Flour Tortillas

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A simple recipe to mix up, and so quick to cook. Most of the time ...

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avocado cupcakes

Pistachio Avocado Cupcakes

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It was my birthday yesterday, so I decided to do something a little special for ...

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Grinding Coarse Rye Meal with a Vitamix

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rye flours

Meant to replace 8 kitchen appliances, and on a lot of wish lists, the Vitamix says it will grind flours, ice, meat, make ice cream, mix bread, chop tough vegetables, and a multitude of other amazing things – in a matter of seconds no less. My neighbor bought the newest... more

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