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Building Raised Garden Beds & Seed Giveaway

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It looked like it would be a nice day weather wise, so Kevin & I got to work building a few raised beds for the garden. We started just in time to finish it off before the rain came! We cut a few trees in an area that needed clearing... more

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Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus)

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christmas cactus

Gorgeous isn’t it? Also the name is fabulous. Schlumbergera, great word right? LOL. The Christmas Cactus belongs to the Schlumbergera genus and blooms when the light and dark cycle is about even, and the evenings are cool. They require very little care, if anything you are more likely to overwater... more

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Mite Spray for Houseplants

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DIY mite spray

I haven’t had any problems so far this year. Knock wood. Every spring a few houseplants get a new residence outside to soak up the sun. Once they’ve acclimated to indoor life again in the fall, I sometimes notice I’ve also brought in some new, unwanted pets. MITES. I’m holding... more

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Replanting Green Onions

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Green Onion

Did you know you can regrow green onions? My grandma always regrew many different kitchen scraps from fruits and vegetables, so it’s something I’ve always done as well. She usually had at least one LARGE yellow onion plant around just as a house plant! With green onions, just take the... more

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Planting Strawberries

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Strawberry Plant

Over the summer I was gifted groups of Strawberry plants from 2 different people. One grouping of ever bearing, and another of wild strawberries. I finally figured I’d better get them in the ground before we get a frost. As you can see, the plants are still producing well into... more

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