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Ginger Syrup

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ginger syrup

This syrup is made using the reserved liquid from making Candied Ginger. I had exactly 1 cup of ginger water left over from the ginger candy. I returned it to the pot and added 1 cup of sugar, including the sugar I’d used to roll the ginger pieces in. I... more

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Candied Ginger

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candied ginger

I always have lots of ginger around. I use it in everything from ferments, wines and tea, to cookies, cakes and as a spice in meals. Oh, and for regular ginger bug feedings. It’s so great for you and I love the spicy kick it adds to everything. I usually... more

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plum ginger onion relish

Plum-Ginger Onion Relish

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So tasty and easy. Use whatever type of plums you have available, I used golden. ...

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How To Make A Ginger Bug

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A ginger bug is a bacterial culture of ginger, sugar, and water used in making ...

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