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Homemade Alternative Milk

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rice milk

Milk, including non dairy milk, is getting pricey. Did you know you can make your own alternative milks at home? Rice is affordable and it’s something most of us have around the house, but the same basic recipe will work for all kinds of things including nuts, seeds, grains and... more

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black bean sauce over rice and vegetables

Black Bean Sauce

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We are working on cutting down our meat consumption and discovering the wonderful world of ...

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DIY Labels or Gift Tags

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homemade labels

I needed some pretty tags for my bottles of ACV (apple cider vinegar), so I decided to whip some up. Looking through (way too many) craft items this is what I (eventually!) decided on. With holidays upon us, these could easily be used as gift tags. They were quick and... more

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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diy labels

Did you know you can make your own apple cider vinegar? Raw, unpasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar can be quite expensive to buy, but home made can be made using a few apples or even cores and peels. If you happen to have a tree of your own, or are... more

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Dehydrate Vegetable “Waste” to make healthy flavorings!

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dehydrated green veges

I love finding ways to save money, reduce waste and reuse things. At least a couple times a day I found myself throwing away large pieces of food that I thought I should have a use for. I saved a bunch of stuff up for a few days – just... more

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