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Smoked Turkey Jerky

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smoked turkey jerky

Having procured a large turkey, we butchered it and used the breast meat for smoked turkey jerky. We cut the turkey breast into 1″ wide pieces, 1/2″ thick and covered it in a flavored brine for 24 hours in an airtight container in the fridge. Brine: 1/2 cup brown sugar... more

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Turkey Day Leftover Madness

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Turkey, sweet potato and russets, cranberry sauce, broccoli and carrot with cheese sauce, cranberry stuffing and gravy.

I know many of you in the US won’t be celebrating until November 27th, but in Canada, we had Thanksgiving Dinner on October 13th. And the 14th. And the 15th. LOL. Turkey sandwiches. Turkey dinners. A person can only eat so much turkey! (Although we sometimes do a smoked turkey,... more

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