Turkey Day Leftover Madness

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Turkey, sweet potato and russets, cranberry sauce, broccoli and carrot with cheese sauce, cranberry stuffing and gravy.

I know many of you in the US won’t be celebrating until November 27th, but in Canada, we had Thanksgiving Dinner on October 13th. And the 14th. And the 15th. LOL.

Turkey sandwiches. Turkey dinners. A person can only eat so much turkey! (Although we sometimes do a smoked turkey, and I could eat THAT almost daily!)

We have a rewards card at our local store and save our points all year especially for holiday meal expenses.

This year, the store had turkeys ANY size for the same amount of points, so of course we got the biggest one! As it turns out, we could have thought it through a few minutes because we ended up having to run back out for a bigger roasting pan LOL. And it nearly did not fit in the oven…it was cutting it close.

At any rate, this monster turkey was 30 pounds without stuffing!!

Our yearly ritual is to make plenty of turkey and all the fixings, specifically to have the most leftovers.

We buy a bunch of the lidded tin containers at the dollar store and put a serving of everything in each one. There is usually enough turkey to do a couple containers of JUST turkey as well.

Just mark the lids and freeze them.
I also freeze gravy in sandwich-sized baggies, and can or freeze cranberry sauce in portions as well.

It’s a healthy homemade meal, ready to go straight into the oven for those evenings you just don’t have time or energy to cook!

We do this again at Christmas time and have year round homemade TV dinners! Believe me, they are just as tasty in July.:)

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