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monthly website maintenance

A quick update post – it’s time for some monthly behind the scenes maintenance on the blog.

This month, there is quite a bit going on. There is a brute force/dictionary attack on wordpress sites worldwide for the past week (including YogurtHydro), so security issues are at the forefront right now.
I’ve taken every possible precaution, and I use Wordfence to keep things in check. (Great security plugin if you’re also a WP blogger).

As an added bonus, updates are rolling in regularly to patch everything up against these attacks. My theme package included, and many parts of it have to be done manually.

So, if the site is up and down over the next day or two, I am most likely updating things. It should only be a short blip in service.

I’ve also been looking into CPM ad networks. You may have noticed the ads in the sidebar (above the adsense ads). I am not happy with this network as I’ve noticed a couple of dating site ads which I think cheapens the site. Food, recipes and crafting having nothing to do with dating – this is meant to be a family safe site.
That network will be removed during the list of updates this week. I don’t like those ads and I doubt you do either.
** I decided to take care of this right away, so the network I mentioned has been removed! No more dating site ads.:) **

The approval process is soooo long for some of the better networks, testing takes some time. Bear with me as I find a more fitting network.

That’s the news.:) Please email me if you have any trouble accessing the site or notice any odd glitches ( Thank you!

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