Xmas Swag

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xmas swag

We had planned on just the 2 of us for Christmas this year and didn’t bother doing too much decorating, just a little tree.
Last night we got a call that company was coming for dinner. We were making our usual huge Christmas meal (for lots of leftovers!) so dinner was already on, but I decided to do a quick decorating trick.

Without spending any money, and really only a few minutes time, I threw all this together.

I cut a few sprigs from our evergreen trees and made a couple of swags, and threw the rest in mason jars around the house.

They smell great and definitely made it more Christmas-y in here.

To make swags, just stack a bunch of branches until it looks nice then wrap wire (I used baling wire) around the top. Leave some excess wire to make a loop for hanging your swag.

I have a ton of older decorations, so I hung a few on them. Hot glue would work too!

As for the mason jars, I just put branches in and added water, but if I had more time for it, I might wrap the jars, color the water or put a nice bow around the jar.

The centerpiece is just evergreen (2 types, for textural accents) in a mason jar placed in center of a wreath laid on the table.

I cut greenery off of 2 different types of evergreens. Holly or any other winter greenery will work too, just keep in mind how long you’ll want it to stay green indoors, with or without water, and also if it will drop leaves or needles.

I made sure to get some branches with little tiny pinecones on them for some easy decoration, and reserved those branches for spots they’d be noticed.

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