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Baked Chili Burritos

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baked burrito

I had Burritos in mind when I made such a large batch of slow cooker chili! There was enough chili for dinner on the first night, plus exactly 16 burritos worth of leftovers, just right for my tortilla recipe – it was clearly meant to be!!:) I made a batch... more

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Artisan Pizza

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artisan pizza

In advance – Apologies for the horrible pictures! Bad lighting and el cheapo camera! My usual camera is having a tantrum. With that aside – I made some pizzas the other night that were probably the best pizza I’ve ever had! I used the French Bread recipe for a crust... more

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After whipping up some wonderful french baguettes, I threw together a bruschetta for a snack. (Yes, I’m kidding! Baguettes take a long time! They were eaten much more quickly than they were created.:)) But the bruschetta snack was quick & easy, and so good – let’s just say, there are... more

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SD Blueberry Poppy Seed Pancakes

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poppy blueberry pancakes

The weather has made for the strangest winter this year in the Columbia Valley. Today was a balmy 10 degrees, warm, bright and sunny – and it’s still January! I took the opportunity to do a bit of yard work. Discovering my Lilies had optimistically sprouted 2 vibrant green inches... more

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Avocado Chicken & Salad

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avocado salad

Amazingly tasty, this meal was simple and healthy. A dressing – for the chicken – was made by mixing: 1/4 cup ranch dressing 1/4 of an avocado 1 tbsp. sriracha sauce freshly cracked black pepper The avocado was broken down to blend with the dressing. This was left in the... more

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