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Baked Chili Burritos

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baked burrito

I had Burritos in mind when I made such a large batch of slow cooker chili! There was enough chili for dinner on the first night, plus exactly 16 burritos worth of leftovers, just right for my tortilla recipe – it was clearly meant to be!!:) I made a batch... more

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Tortilla Chips

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tortilla chips

Not naming names, but a certain someone in this house loves his tortilla chips…ahem. If you’ve ever read the ingredients list on the store bought chips, you may understand why I’d prefer to make homemade. The tortilla chips you can buy in the store are generally LOADED with sodium. The... more

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Chicken Gravy

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roasted chicken dinner with gravy

I made this gravy from the liquids remaining after roasting a whole chicken with vegetables. Before removing it from the oven, I’d made a slurry using 1/4 cup water, 2 handfuls of flour (I don’t worry about an exact amount for this method) and whisked it making sure there were... more

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Artisan Pizza

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artisan pizza

In advance – Apologies for the horrible pictures! Bad lighting and el cheapo camera! My usual camera is having a tantrum. With that aside – I made some pizzas the other night that were probably the best pizza I’ve ever had! I used the French Bread recipe for a crust... more

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Chicken Bone Broth

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chicken soup

Have you read about the health benefits of bone broth yet? There are several articles circulating so I won’t reiterate it here, but it entails simmering the bones for at least 24 hours to leech out as much nutrients as possible. A tasty soup can be made much faster using... more

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