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Discard Sourdough Salt Dough!!

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discard sourdough salt dough crafts

I have quietly been working on this for a couple of days now, not-so-patiently waiting to share this idea! In all my searching for what to do with discard SD starter, I have never come across this before… Why not use up unfed or ‘discard’ sourdough starter to make salt... more

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Making Jump Rings

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jump rings

I needed a few jump rings for a project and couldn’t find my little stash of ’em, so I made a few. I used ornament hanger wires and needlenose pliers with a wire cutter. After cutting the wire to a few short lengths I held the tip with the pliers... more

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Xmas Swag

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xmas swag

We had planned on just the 2 of us for Christmas this year and didn’t bother doing too much decorating, just a little tree. Last night we got a call that company was coming for dinner. We were making our usual huge Christmas meal (for lots of leftovers!) so dinner... more

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DIY Labels or Gift Tags

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homemade labels

I needed some pretty tags for my bottles of ACV (apple cider vinegar), so I decided to whip some up. Looking through (way too many) craft items this is what I (eventually!) decided on. With holidays upon us, these could easily be used as gift tags. They were quick and... more

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Mite Spray for Houseplants

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DIY mite spray

I haven’t had any problems so far this year. Knock wood. Every spring a few houseplants get a new residence outside to soak up the sun. Once they’ve acclimated to indoor life again in the fall, I sometimes notice I’ve also brought in some new, unwanted pets. MITES. I’m holding... more

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