Maple Walnut Milk Kefir Ice Cream Without A Machine

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Maple Walnut Milk Kefir Ice Cream (without a machine!)

Maple Walnut Milk Kefir Ice Cream

One luxury many of us don’t have (myself included) is an ice cream machineice cream machine. While I will continue adding one to my wishlist, here is how I make ice cream without a machine.

Just in time for the weekend, here’s my recipe for a cold treat for hot days. Rather than empty calories, this ice cream has all the healthy probiotic benefits of milk kefir without sacrificing flavor.

If you don’t have milk kefir, you can substitute whole milk and store bought cream cheese.

If I’m going to eat ice cream, I’d rather skip over an icy or unsatisfying version. I use full fats for that creamy mouthfeel, and maple syrup and a little distilled alcohol for a softer serve finish.

Making ice cream without a machine takes a bit more time, but the extra effort is minimal and definitely worth it. The regular stirring while the ice cream sets up breaks up larger ice crystals so you end up with a higher quality ice cream.

If you want to skip the extra steps of making the maple walnut mixture, just leave it out and instead of maple liqueur, substitute a combination of vodka (you won’t taste it) and vanilla extract to make this a vanilla ice cream.:)

Maple Walnut Flavor Mixture

1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. cocoa powder
pinch of cayenne pepper
pinch of ginger powder
pinch of sea salt
2 tbsps. butter
1 cup chopped walnuts

Combine all dry ingredients and set aside.
Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add nuts and dry mixture.

Stir and shake pan regularly to prevent burning the nuts and cook until the sugar mixture has completely melted and coated the nuts.

Set aside to cool.

Once completely cool, use food processor or chop using a sharp knife to achieve desired texture.

Milk Kefir Ice Cream

1 cup finished milk kefir made with whole milk (3.25%)
2 cups whipping cream, divided
1/2 cup kefir cream cheese (I used kefired goats’ milk to make the cream cheese)
6 tbsps. maple syrupmaple syrup or honeyhoney
1 tbsp. maple liqueur (or other distilled alcohol)
pinch of sea salt

Whip 1 cup of the whipping cream until soft peaks form. Set aside.

Combine remaining ingredients and nut mixture (~1 cup). Fold whipped cream into mixture.
Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 2 – 4 hours.

While mixture is chilling, place large shallow cake or casserole dish in freezer to chill.

Pour mixture into cold cake pan and place plastic wrap directly over surface before freezing for 45 minutes.
Remove from freezer and stir ice cream to break up any ice.

Repeat the freezing and stirring procedure every 20 – 45 minutes, 3 times.

When churning the ice cream, blend it smooth – but as quickly as possible to prevent too much from melting. Don’t leave large chunks or the texture will be chunky after the final freeze (it needs to freeze as one solid form).

Ice cream will be ready to serve after ~4 – 6 hours in freezer.

That’s it! Probiotic ice cream without a machine.:) Enjoy!

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Comments (46)

  1. posted by monicageglio on June 12, 2015

    YUM! I am drooling over these pictures. Looks fabulous!

  2. posted by Ricki on June 13, 2015

    Could you please just pass me a bowl of that lovely ice cream. It looks supper yummy. I’m trying to go 30 days without sugar so I won’t be able to make this until after July 11th, but after that I’m going to have to try this. Seriously, it looks that good.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on June 14, 2015

      Good luck with your sugar fast. I avoided sugar for several years; I found that once it’s out of your system you stop craving it. Avoiding sugar was much easier when I was single and no one requested cookies! lol.

      Come back and let me know how you liked the ice cream!:)

  3. posted by Alina Conn on June 14, 2015

    Love that you posted this delicious recipe without having to have an ice cream maker. We don’t have one and will most definitely try this out. It looks fabulous!

  4. posted by Sean on June 14, 2015

    YUM! Love the pinch of cayenne. No one would guess but it most definitely adds a little kick.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on June 19, 2015

      Yes! Cayenne or even hot red pepper flakes work so well with chocolate, it’s a great combination.:)

  5. posted by Vermont Mango Plantation on June 15, 2015

    I’d never thought of making ice cream from Kefir, what a great healthy alternative. Thanks for sharing!

    • posted by YogurtHydro on June 19, 2015

      I like the idea of adding some nutrition to desserts when possible, a little less guilt when indulging.:) Let me know if you try it!

  6. posted by Mai Tran on June 19, 2015

    Looks delicious! I bet it tastes like heaven!

  7. posted by lisa on June 23, 2015

    I’ve never heard of, or tried this before. It sounds incredible. I pinned it to try later. Thanks!

    • posted by YogurtHydro on June 23, 2015

      Thanks Lisa.:) Let me know how it turns out for you!

  8. posted by Sara Theissen on June 24, 2015

    Where has this been my whole life?

  9. posted by Kristin K on June 30, 2015

    What an interesting turn on ice cream! I love the flavour! And, to be able to make it without an ice cream maker? What? Love it!!!

  10. posted by Starla B on July 2, 2015

    This sounds amazing. I have always been a huge fan of kefir- so many amazing health benefits!

  11. posted by Donna Deussen on July 4, 2015

    sounds yummy!

  12. posted by Ashley Perez on July 4, 2015

    Yum looks great :0

  13. posted by Jenna D on July 4, 2015

    This looks delicious, never thought of using keifer this way!

    • posted by YogurtHydro on July 22, 2015

      I hope you’ll try it, thanks Jenna!

  14. posted by Kristin K on July 5, 2015

    Maple Walnut ice cream sounds delicious! I would love to give this a try! Perfect for a hot summer’s day!!!

  15. posted by khaled on July 5, 2015

    love this one

  16. posted by parathahadir on July 5, 2015

    mumm… cool resep :D

  17. posted by Kristin K on July 9, 2015

    This sounds like a very delicious treat on a hot summers day!!!

  18. posted by Gotham on July 10, 2015

    I can’t thank you enough!

  19. posted by Pavel Arturo Betancourt on July 13, 2015

    looks delicious!!!

  20. posted by Jasmine P on July 17, 2015

    I would love this! Looks tasty!

  21. posted by Sandra Watts on July 19, 2015

    It looks good. I keep saying I want to try Kefir but I still have not done so yet.

    • posted by YogurtHydro on July 22, 2015

      I love it, even if it didn’t have the health benefits. If you want to try the ice cream without kefir, you can substitute the kefir for milk, and the kefir cheese for cream cheese.;)

  22. posted by Lindsey on August 1, 2015

    This looks amazing! :)

  23. posted by Kimberly on August 3, 2015

    Definitely seems like a healthy alternative for kids! Might have to try this on my nieces and nephews!

    • posted by YogurtHydro on August 6, 2015

      Let me know if you try it; you’d never know from the taste that it is made with kefir!

  24. posted by Jodi Hunter on November 18, 2015

    This looks so good!

  25. posted by Melanie B on November 28, 2015

    Looks really good! Thanks for sharing

  26. posted by Jodi Hunter on March 6, 2016

    These sounds so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. posted by clojo9372 on March 11, 2016

    This looks amazing! I love Maple Walnut Ice Cream, I am sure this is something I could make and enjoy just as much! Thanks so much! :)


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