Planting Strawberries

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Strawberry Plant

Over the summer I was gifted groups of Strawberry plants from 2 different people.

One grouping of ever bearing, and another of wild strawberries.

I finally figured I’d better get them in the ground before we get a frost. As you can see, the plants are still producing well into October (so nice!), but it won’t be long now until the winter sneaks up on me!
I thought about bringing them in until spring, but I think the natural way is most likely best for the plants, so decided I better over winter them outside.

I finally decided on the south-east corner of the house. But it was very overgrown…
(For the ultra observant, yes, this is a different corner! I was almost done before I remembered to take a picture so I took one at the next corner over!)

So, I dug right in, literally…

The little guy stopped by while I was working!

I also planted my little Japanese Maple – he’s the little purple-y red guy at the outward corner of the house. I started it from seed a few months ago, they grow so easily! Now to keep it growing.

…and the finished project…

Next, I threw some mulch around everything. This will help insulate the plants, keep the weeds down, and it looks nice. Next season, it will help retain moisture too.

At least now when the frost and snow hits, the roots will be insulated and protected. Next spring, they can start spreading out!

Now, I just need to add a border…

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by Anna Christian Harkey on March 25, 2015

    Fresh berries are so good. We have a blueberry patch which are easier to pick because you don’t have to bend down.

    • posted by Yogurt Hydro on March 27, 2015

      I live on 130 acre blueberry farm! They’re not mine though;) If bending is difficult for you, you could devise a raised bed. Maybe I’ll work on a DIY for that this year.


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