Replanting Green Onions

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Green Onion

Did you know you can regrow green onions?

My grandma always regrew many different kitchen scraps from fruits and vegetables, so it’s something I’ve always done as well. She usually had at least one LARGE yellow onion plant around just as a house plant!

With green onions, just take the ends with the roots, put them in a little jar with some water and leave them in a sunny window.

Don’t drown them. It’s better to use just enough water, then top it up daily.

Over the kitchen sink is a great spot. When you do dishes, top off the water.

I’d been growing these ones for quite some time, and eventually, water alone just won’t provide the nutrients needed for any plant.
It was time to give them a more permanent home.

You can see they were getting weak and spindly. You can probably also tell I have been using them since the ends look “cut”. I use scissors and trim off what I need.

A friend had passed along some pots he no longer needed, perfect timing for me! I scrubbed them clean using a mild bleach solution, rinsed them, and soaked them in hot water while I got all the other supplies ready to go.

terracotta pots

A small terracotta pot will work perfectly for my window sill, but they are terrible for drainage. I put a few rocks at the bottom of the pot.
By the way, if you have any broken pots, don’t throw them out! The pieces are perfect for placing in pots for drainage.

Topped the rocks with a little soil and arranged the onions in the pot.

Then I filled around them with more soil, and watered them in.

ladybug on green onion plant in window sill

A ladybird beetle moved in!

In a couple weeks the onions should be nice and plump again, ready to use!

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