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Yogurt Hydro Updates

Site Changes

I made a few changes to the site recently, I believe everything is working properly but if you find any glitches please let me know.
The only thing I couldn’t get to function properly are the little social follow icons in the top menu. That menu is written into the theme, so I’ll have to figure out which file they are called from and see if I can add those icons in there.

Pinterest and Twitter buttons/functions were included in the theme, but Bloglovin and Instagram were not. The links will function but there are no icons. I am aware of that glitch and will get it figured out next week.

Other Stuff

My laptop was dropped and will not boot up now.:( I’m using an old machine for now. It works – very very slowly lol. So next week I’ll have an excuse to go computer shopping, and then I’ll be able to catch up a bit and fix those icons.

I am a week behind on answering comments, but I have read every single one of them! Once I get a computer that will load a page sometime in the current century, I’ll answer them all. I appreciate every comment and will get back to each one of you.:)

My favorite part of this update is that I’ve made the trip back home to the Columbia Valley, and to Kevin.:) I will be headed back to PG for another month or so to help my uncle out – but it is so good to be back for a couple of weeks!! There really is no place like home – or your own kitchen. Using other peoples’ kitchens is just not the same!

Kevin has done a wonderful job with our garden – but he doesn’t know how to preserve everything and hasn’t harvested much! LOL – I’ll be busy all week canning and dehydrating!

So much of B.C. is on fire with the extremely low snow pack this year, and high temperatures everywhere. The entire drive down from Prince George was hazy and smoky – and for several hours it was over 40 degrees (I have the sunburn to prove it – there is no hiding from the sun in the car).
At this rate, August is going to be brutally hot and dry. I’m seeing some cloud cover this morning and I hope it pours – we sure need it.

While I was away, I bought Kevin a filet knife as a father’s day gift. He can’t wait to use it. He lights up like a little kid at Christmas when he gets a gift he likes – it’s so fun giving gifts to someone like that.

We are going on a fishing trip and I’ll get you some gorgeous pictures wherever we end up, and a trout recipe – assuming we catch any.;) The water levels are very low and the fish are suffering this year.

It’s unsettling to see the waterways so low! August will be rough without some serious rainfall.

New Contest!

A new giveaway has begun, I invite you all to enter to win a Hunter Fan Windemere Brushed Nickel Two Light 54 inch Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote and $200 (USD) in PayPal Cash. Ends July 31. Good luck!

Gone Fishing!

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