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Foraging: Rose Hips & Making Rose Hip Tea

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My latest adventures where I do some daydreaming about the weather and go foraging the back roads of Prince George BC for rose hips and pineapple weed for a delicious vitamin rich tea.After two weeks of mostly overcast skies coupled with the occasional thunderstorm, I am beginning to feel... more

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Sleepy Time Banana Peel Tea

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banana peel tea

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping and would like a natural remedy, Banana Peel Tea may be your answer. After spending last week making banana breads and banana cookies, I had plenty of peels saved up in the freezer. I washed them and removed all the stickers before use and... more

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Dehydrated Pepper Seeds

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dried pepper seeds

I was already dehydrating vegetable greens, and put these in at the same time. Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator We’d bought a large mixed bag of bell pepper and pablano peppers and I saved the seeds from them as we used them over a few days. These are both mild peppers.... more

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Dehydrate Vegetable “Waste” to make healthy flavorings!

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dehydrated green veges

I love finding ways to save money, reduce waste and reuse things. At least a couple times a day I found myself throwing away large pieces of food that I thought I should have a use for. I saved a bunch of stuff up for a few days – just... more

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spaghetti squash seeds

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Seeds

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A friend of ours grows a rather large plot of spaghetti squash. Him and his ...

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