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Pizza Conjecture To Sink Your Teeth Into

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Pizza. A word imbued with memories of yumminess in nights gone by. An infamous way to feed large parties, or the perfect cozy dinner for family nights in. When recalling my thoughts on pizza, they arrive swathed in memories of ooey gooey goodness, and topped with cheese. Not unlike that... more

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Artisan Pizza

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artisan pizza

In advance – Apologies for the horrible pictures! Bad lighting and el cheapo camera! My usual camera is having a tantrum. With that aside – I made some pizzas the other night that were probably the best pizza I’ve ever had! I used the French Bread recipe for a crust... more

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Ham, Onion, Spinach & Mushroom Pita Pockets

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pita pizza pockets

Todays lunch. Homemade ham, onion, spinach and mushroom pita pizza pockets. Just open a piece of pita bread along the edge 1/2 way around the pita, spread pizza sauce inside on one side (in the uncut half of pita), add spices, fillings and mozzarella. I used sliced ham from the... more

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Bannock Pizza Crust

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Bannock Pizza

After making bannock yesterday, I decided on pizza for lunch. Quite often I use pitas as easy pizza crust (and I love the crunchy crust I get from a thin pita bread!), but fresh bannock was calling my name. Bannock is so versatile, it makes an excellent pizza crust. It... more

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