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Baguettes (French Bread)

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Baguettes are long and thin shaped french bread using only the most basic of ingredients. Flour, water, yeast, and salt. It really is incredible how much variation you can achieve using the same simple ingredient list! After many years of bread baking, I’d still never attempted french bread baguettes, it... more

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Fruit & Vegetable Pulp Crackers

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fruit and vegetable pulp crackers

Last week I started a Apple Raspberry Wine. Rather than discarding the pulp afterward, I decided to use it. Whenever I juice or make a mash I am left with a portion of fruit or vegetable pulp that normally is thrown away. I have occasionally added it to cakes or... more

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SD Blueberry Poppy Seed Pancakes

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poppy blueberry pancakes

The weather has made for the strangest winter this year in the Columbia Valley. Today was a balmy 10 degrees, warm, bright and sunny – and it’s still January! I took the opportunity to do a bit of yard work. Discovering my Lilies had optimistically sprouted 2 vibrant green inches... more

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Apple Raspberry Ferment

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apple raspberry ferment

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, I LOVE even just the scent of raspberries. There are about a million (roughly, lol) wild raspberry bushes in my area. I pureed and froze a bunch in serving size bags last summer and today I used the last one! There... more

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Blueberry Ginger Wine

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blueberry ginger wine

One of many ferments on the go at our house, here is my recent batch of wine. As usual, I added lots of ginger. It’s worth pointing out that although Kevin doesn’t care too much for ginger, he likes this wine. Although I used wine yeast which has the potential... more

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