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Mountain Sunshine

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I am still in Prince George, and I tell ya – staying with my uncle is great, it’s nice to spend some time with him – but – I miss my mountains! And my river!! I know once I’m back home, one of the first things I want to do is get out fishing! After I say hi to Kevin I guess LOL.

Mountain Valley
How could scenery like this NOT make me homesick?!?

Misty Mountains

As proof that I am daydreaming about fishing, this weekend I’m heading out to find Kevin a father’s day gift that I know he’s wanted for some time – a high carbon steel fillet knife. (He does not know how to work a computer, so I’m fairly certain he’ll never see this – also I brought the computer with me! lol.)

River Bend
We fish as often as possible and using our not-so-great knives to filet a fish drives him nutty, I think he’ll love it.
Any of you in Prince George? If you know a good place to start looking, I’d love a recommendation!

Sunny Mountain

It’s nice to be in a whole new environment and away from routine – you begin to clearly see precisely where your spirit lies, and what makes you its’ own.

Speaking of what makes you its’ own…the blog lol. It’s a labor of love, but it is definitely labor at times! If you need something to take up a whole lot of your time, start a blog.;) There is always more to do!!
I could liken it to weeding your garden, a never ending but enjoyable task.

Current Contests

If you haven’t yet, make sure to enter the current contests! Enter these contests and you could win: a $100 gift card to Pampered Chef, a super cute Chicken Coop, an iPad Mini, a Seed Vault, or $500 Paypal Cash. (I would love to do some shopping at Pampered Chef personally!)
pampered chef giveaway diatomaceous earth homestead giveaway Win $500 Paypal Cash - May - June 2015

Some Technical Mumbo Jumbo

New Logo

I finally had a logo made, I love it! I found someone on fiverr.com to create it for me and left the design entirely up to him, I think he did a great job. With the vector file included it cost all of $37, I’m pretty happy! What do you think of it?

CPM Network

Last month I mentioned I was trying out a certain CPM network; some of the ads were pretty sketchy, so I removed them quickly and switched to the FoodieBlogRoll network. I prefer their ads, but it has not been enough time to determine stats. I know many of you are bloggers, I hope this doesn’t entirely bore the rest of you.:)


I’ve been working on my “Pinnables”! Because my theme doesn’t allow me to add them effectively in the featured picture area, so far, I’m just adding them into the post. If you notice, the “featured” picture is horizontally justified…BUT, Pinterest favors vertical photos! LOL.

It’s not an ideal way to get the images added, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet! The pictures are also stored in a way that makes it impossible to Pin a featured picture unless I also add it in the post! I’m not sure if that’s a wordpress thing, or a theme thing.
(I seem to have an ever-growing list of things to read up on!)

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Curious about those “Pinnables”? Here are a few of them, they represent a handful of posts from the past month. I’d love it if you’d share your favorites!

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It was fun making these! I used the Gimp to enhance them, Irfanview to minimize them and PicMonkey for embellishments.

That’s the latest!

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